EMS Articles

By Barry W. Szymanski

I am a Wisconsin attorney in private practice and an emergency services consultant, and, as such, represent many Wisconsin emergency services departments (EMS) and fire departments, both volunteer and paid, government, for-profit and not-for-profit. I represent many Wisconsin paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMT’s), and firefighters. I also serve as the lawyer for the Wisconsin EMS Association. My private practice includes EMS’ and fire department’s issues. I often serve as a consultant on legal and ethical topics relating to operations and on policies and procedures, and as an arbitrator and mediator in disputes. These articles were written to raise issues and questions, and are not intended as detailed reviews of a very complex set of constantly modified state and federal statutory, regulatory, and case laws.

All articles are Copyright Barry W. Szymanski

Policy and Procedure Manuals for EMS Organizations

HIPAA’s Requirements for Medical Releases

$17 Million Dollar Jury Verdict in a Volunteer Negligence Case Upheld

The Care of Volunteers [and Employees]

How Much Can I Drink – And Yet Respond?

Employee Discipline, Corrective Action, and Termination
The Legal Effect of Wisconsin Standards and Procedures
Wisconsin's Good Samaritan Statute:
Civil Liability Exemptions for Emergency Care
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